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Buying a property is a big deal. It pays to have experts in your corner giving you the best possible advice. There are quite a lot of things that you need to focus on. When you are investing in a property, you spend a lot of your savings. It is your hard earned money and you definitely don't want to make a wrong, hasty decision. This is the reason why a significant amount of research is involved in property buying decisions. There are several websites online that provide comprehensive listings of all property currently for sale. The best of these are Rightmove and Zoopla. You will also find a weealth of information and advice on all aspects of the buying process.

An average home-buyer will want to make sure a lot of details about a property before investing in it. This will involve visiting a lot of such properties personally, most of which turn out to be far from the needs and preferences of these buyers. However, with the convenience of our online search facility, home-buyers can short-list the properties they want to visit as per their preference. This makes the whole process a lot simpler. But it is not just about simplifying the process, our service helps you find exactly what you want with minimal hassles.

Refine your property search criteria

When it comes to finding the right property, the Internet has made it so simple and convenient that you can sit with your hot cup of mocha on the couch and browse with ease. Here is how you can refine your search criteria based on the most important elements.

Location: To be as efficient as possible you really need to decide where exactly it is that you want to live. Once you decide your location, the search gets simplified as you will only see property listings for that local area.

Property Type: Property specification is another important criterion. You will need to decide the number of bedrooms you want in your property, the kind of dining area, how big or small should the backyard be and other such specifications. This criterion will help you narrow down on your property search and easily find your perfect property.

Budget: Your budget specification is perhaps the most important criterion. Online property search provides you the convenience of comparing different properties that match your specifications based on their price. When you set your budget, you can further refine your search. With the option of comparing between various properties, you can comfortably increase your savings by finding your preferred property at a lower cost.


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Thank you for guiding us so expertly through the maze that is buying and selling a home. Very rare to receive such service from an estate agent. Well done!
Logan Gordon

We are so happy we chose Wigtown Astro Property for sale. The company was a pleaseure to work with. They offered us the right guidance, support and advice and helped us achieve our asking price within 3 weeks of the property going on the market.
Harry Cox

Wigtown Astro Property website provides the right information in all matters relating to property search. The team has extensive knowledge in this field and their experience is of immense help for first-time homebuyers like us. Thank you. 
Ella Baker